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Suite Of Mirrors

A Collection of Mirror Pieces for the Beginning Pianist
by Pablo Ablanedo

Suite of Mirrors is a collection of 36 piano pieces for beginning students in which the two hands play together in contrary motion using the same fingering in each hand. The line played by the right hand is the musical mirror of the left hand's line - an exact symmetrical inversion of it. A uniquely accessible notation style allows students of all ages to begin playing songs and practicing two-handed coordination on the first day of lessons. For many years, the collection of pieces presented here has helped me achieve my first and most important goal as a music educator: getting my students to love music and love playing the piano. The importance of having interesting, fun and instructive pieces to play before students learn to read music cannot be overstated. The book consists of three parts: I - Introduction and Guidelines II - Finger Number Scores (for the Students) III - Music Scores (Educator Reference) This is not an all-inclusive method for teaching beginning students; rather, it is a group of interrelated piano compositions intended to complement the beginning student's practice routine and repertoire. I invite teachers and educators to explore this collection freely and with a creative spirit, and to use it however they believe will most benefit the students.

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